Executive Coaching


Coaching helps you identify your dreams and ambitions. We work together to set SMART goals with achievable milestones and concrete deadlines. Then we keep tabs on your progress, so you meet targets according to your timeline. A recent study found that 77% of executives who worked with a coach found improvements to at least 1 of 9 business measures, with overall productivity and employee satisfaction receiving the largest increase. Researchers concluded that executive coaching produced a 788% return on investment.

Empowerment through Strategic Coaching

Fortress has the tools and techniques to help you meet your dreams and goals. The coaching is action-based, meaning the coach focuses both on altering a client’s thinking and encouraging tangible work and progress. Working with individuals or groups, the coach aims to nurture intelligent, capable, and ambitious people ready to take their place as leaders in the business world.

We provide one-on-one partnership between the executive coach and the client with the goal of addressing individual strengths and weaknesses. Executive coaching can be accomplished in-person or virtually. Each format offers different benefits, and the better choice is dependent upon your unique needs.